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Uniquely Blessed

(Ezra left and Greyson on right) This was a picture I snapped in the middle of our morning Bible time)


I am realizing once again how very blessed I am to be an aunt….

This morning, as I run around the house and pick out clothes, clean up, wipe noses and change britches….. I recognize that I have a unique and blessed life. Not unique, necessarily because I get to care for children. Unique, Because I get to enjoy the opportunity of playing “small” and “insignificant” parts in raising up, and encouraging children in the Lord, without actually even having been a mama yet myself.
I can remember being five years old when my little sis Callie and first niece Mahala were born. I was so excited! And looked at them thinking “Ah!!! I can’t wait to snatch them up! Thank you, Mommy and Janelle for my new babies”.
Little did I know that was just the beginning. By the time I was in my twenties, I would have 19 nieces and nephews with another one on the way!!
What a true, true blessing and gift each one of them is.

I can’t even imagine how different and boring things would be without every one of them in my life. In the last recent months, 3 new little friends have ¬†been welcomed into our brood! Babies Lorretta Ruth, ¬†Jude Elliott, and Miles Gideon, welcome to our family!

We have been waiting for you! Before you even entered the world you were already so loved by us. I know that God has made you each uniquely, and to be the perfect fit to our family. I know the Lord already has created you to be gifted, set apart individuels for His glory. There is a specific plan and purpose for your lives . I’m praying you will be world changers, soul winners…and difference makers.
I Can’t wait to meet those still yet to come <3 So , so thankful to Jesus .~