“Great Expectations” Society’s Expectations Vs. God’s


According to “Psychology Today” this is the kind of behavior that is expected from, and considered the norm for young people by the “professionals” :

Adolescence (ages 9-13):

You will develop a negative attitude, argue with rules, and let homework and chores slide.

You will also tend to test limits by engaging in activities such as shoplifting, vandalizing, and early experimentation with drugs.

Mid-Adolescence (ages 13-15):

You will engage in more intense conflict with your parents, more lying to avoid consequences for wrongdoing, and experience more pressure to use illegal substances.

At this stage you will be ruled by the need for immediate gratification and pleasing your peers.

Late Adolescence (ages 15-18):

Anticipate significant emotional and sexual involvement in dating relationships, recreational substance use at parties, and a lack of readiness to take on worldly independence and responsibility.

Trial Independence (ages 18-23):

You can expect low self-esteem from being unable to meet the demands of adult responsibility, as well as increased anxiety from not having clear direction in life or the self-discipline to consistently pursue it.

You can also anticipate that you will be highly distracted by peers who are equally aimless, which will lead to more partying to escape responsibility, as well as experimenting with hard drugs.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel rather insulted by this. And not only insulted, but very disappointed and grieved. Seeing these kinds of low expectations set for this new generation actually makes me feel even more determined to follow the expectations that God has set for us in His Word, and encourage you to do the same. The world calls us to “just have fun”, and expects us to do what feels good, or is most convenient for us. People in our society expect young people to be lazy, irresponsible, untrustworthy, and selfish. You are expected to be a willing failure by the world. But do you know what the Bible says that God expects from young adults? It is in complete contrast this this theory. Here is just one example:

” Do not let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” 1 Tim. 4:12

As believers we are called to live the exact opposite of what the world expects of us. To live as a bright light, shining through the darkness, far too bright to be snuffed out. Think about how many of the great patriarchs of our faith took up their crosses to follow Christ as youths! And they were used in such amazing ways. Those are our examples. There is no magical time to “get serious” about your faith sometime after the “teenage years”, which in truth is a term that was not even created until sometime in the 1930’s. The Word tells us that God is the same yesterday today and forever. Ecc. 12:1 says, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…”. If He used young people in biblical times, then that is still part of His plan, right?  God’s nature is to call those who are weak, and make them strong. We serve a God who encourages those who feel inadequate by sending them with a message saying, ” Do not worry about what you will say, I will give you the words to speak.” If you have not studied the Old Testament stories of Joseph, Daniel, Jacob, Esther, David, Joshua…etc., I would encourage you to do so. This is how our God sees you! Just as these people were created with a grand purpose, so were  you! Please don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by the kind of delusional, irresponsible, worldy thinking….that what you do now does not matter for eternity. Every single one of you is where you are to shine as a light, and to be a witness to the world around you.  Do not settle. Don’t be satisfied with being the norm. Living the norm is a sell out, that robs us of all that Christ desires for us, and intends for us to be. The time of young adulthood is a gift. Take advantage of the time, energy, talent and passion that you have been given by God. Live to please Christ, not this world. What would happen if instead of trying to KEEP UP with our peers, we LEAD them? Now is the time for us to be busy about the Lord’s business. The world is in such need of our Savior. We don’t have time to waste, hiding our lights under a basket, and compromising by wallowing in the manure of this world. Living the way Christ designed you to is never going to be easy. In fact, by doing the opposite of what the world says we should do, we will always be wading against the current. But we were not made for easy, we were made for possible, and ALL things are possible with God. There is no greater joy than living in obedience to Christ and being able enjoy the fruits of that, throughout your life. That joy is worth the fight against the enemy.  The Lord created each of us with great care, and he knows every detail about you. There is a special purpose for your life, and each day of it is so precious. Let us not waste it, but instead lay to rest the childishness of worldly expectations, and pleasantly surprise those around us by remaining steadfast in the Truth and setting an example for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Love you guys!


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  1. This is how the maturity of a young age begin, but still believe that God exist ..
    Really really nice and a wonderful words that comes out…

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