Missions Letter: June 2015




Dear friends and family,

From September 28 – October 9 I’m excited to say that Caitlin and I will be headed, with a team from our church, to the Philippines for a mission trip. As many of you know, last June Caitlin was blessed with the opportunity to go to the island of Panay in the Philippines. She will be giving an update and including some pictures at the end of this letter. This time Caitlin and I will go together to General Santos, Philippines. Our church, Fellowship Christian will be partnered with Naomi’s Heart, Cebu Missionary Foundation, and First Steps Asia. It’s been my desire to be able to do this for a long time. We will be participating in sidewalk ministry and going to serve at Naomi’s Heart Orphanage.

 (You can learn more about Naomi’s Heart Mission at https://m.facebook.com/nhmacademy/?tsid=0.5626578466035426&source=typeahead)

Activities will include feedings, teachings, crusade and church services, but most important of all, loving on all of the precious orphans there. Before wecome home we will also have a sponsored kids’ party at Dump Ministry. Dump Ministry helps children who survive by picking through dumps. Feeding them will be a part of this too. This is sure to be a valuable ministry and learning experience

I have always had a  tender heart for orphans and less fortunate children, and Caitlin definitely does too.  I can’t wait to love on them. Please pray that the children and anyone this ministry team serves will make a connection between the love we show them and the love of Jesus Christ. Of course the ultimate goal will be that many come to know Jesus. Please pray too that the Lord will teach me to step out and share our faith and increase our understanding of the Gospel to see His name glorified.

Also, would you prayerfully consider giving toward this mission? The  cost, (depending on ticket prices) for the trip will be $2990 to $3590 per person with the first $1000 due by July 6. That date is approaching quickly, so we are trying to find some fast fundraisers. Above the financial support we truly need your prayers. Thank you so much for any gifts or prayer and your friendship.

Love in Jesus’ name,


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  1. Keep serve in people,, stay strong and keep writing your blog as long us keep faith in GOD Caitlin Campbell and Callie Campbell.. stay sharing your blessing ,,, expect the unexpected blessing in your life friend.. 😉

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